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Steamboat Rock — Wednesday, Sep. 17, 2014

Central Washington
The hike up probably took around 40 minutes or so and the heat was a little hard for about a third of the trail even with cloudy skies, so water is obviously a must. There were still flowers blooming, purple aster and pink penstemon along with a white flower I can't identify (I don't think it's a prairie star). I was also lucky enough to spot the tail end of a western skink! I had no idea we had such colorful reptiles in this state.
Not sure what this flower is called.
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KellyJo - I had to google western skink - wow, what a cool looking creature! Do you know why their tails are blue? I assume for breeding, but this would seem an odd time of year for that (if you're a skink).

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Kim Brown on Sep 18, 2014 09:45 AM