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Pete Lake — Sunday, Jun. 12, 2016

Snoqualmie Region
You won't see sign FR4600 on 903, but when you see a brown plate with cooper lake, then you should turn left, then you will see 4600 sign. We arrived the trailhead about 11:30am, parking was 4/5 full, trail was in good condition, few blow downs to go over, few small creek to cross, one big creek to cross, see photo 2. Took us 1.5hr to reach the lake. Lake was quite, but exciting thing was we saw two snakes fighting for a fish, the big one was about 2 finger thick, the small one was about 1.5 finger thick, the big snake got the fish, see photo 3. We put on bug off, it was ok when going in, but on way back, mosquitos were buzzing around us, suggest to take some bug spray with you and put it on again when heading back Added more snakes photos and videos in the links
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PiperMarmalade on Pete Lake

Those snakes are awesome!! I am bummed I didn't get up there before the mosquitoes got bad!! Thanks for the report! 👍

Posted by:

PiperMarmalade on Jun 13, 2016 07:08 AM

LZhang on Pete Lake

I got photos and video of the whole process, from beginning to the end :), will add to the site later when getting a chance. Been reading your trip reports, some great shots! safe hiking

Posted by:

LZhang on Jun 13, 2016 10:24 AM

Holy. Wow. Those videos.

Thank you so much for sharing. That is incredible. Did the big snake end up eating the little snake? Couldn't totally tell from the video.

Posted by:

Loren Drummond on Jun 17, 2016 05:12 PM

LZhang on Pete Lake

The big snake eventually got the fish, but spit out the smaller snake, could not swallow it

Posted by:

LZhang on Jun 17, 2016 10:01 PM