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Trip Report

Margaret's Way and Debbie's View — Friday, Mar. 31, 2017

Issaquah Alps
Debbie's Viewpoint
I really enjoyed this trail - have included 3min of video highlights below. TRAIL ISSUES: 4 specific spots (see photo) that could really use some drainage work. Otherwise the hikers' workarounds will just keep making things worse. Otherwise, nice variety with flatter areas offering relief between steep switchback sections. I saw no other hikers going in, leaving at 7am, and about 12 on the way back. The start of the trail off the road seems a bit odd - almost like walking up a private driveway next to a two story house, but trust the signs, you are going the right way. You will rejoin the roads a few times before the trail finally starts switchbacking up to the alder forest plateau. At the end of the Margaret's Way trail just turn right onto the Chybinsky Loop Trail to reach Debbie's View. In a few feet you turn right again and stay right along the Perimeter Trail Loop. The short trail to Debbie's View is well signed a short distance further along the Perimeter Trail. One of the best things about this trail is the terrific signage at every junction, especially helpful because it intersects so many abandoned trails and roads!
The 4 worse mud areas - upper left in first mile and the other 3 in the second mile
Great signage!
Beautiful open alder forest atop first plateau