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Trip Report

Duckabush River — Thursday, Apr. 6, 2017

Olympic Peninsula
Safety briefing
4-day WTA BCRT (Washington Trails Association Back Country Response Team.) Quite an adventure! The weather forecast was ominous so we were well-prepared. Well, mostly. Day 1: Arrived at Duckabush trailhead. Leader Ken gave the safety briefing. It started to rain. It rained as we hiked in over Little Hump to River Camp. Set up camp in the rain. Headed up Big Hump and started sawing. Rain stopped, sun came out, cleared LOTS of logs. One team did a great job clearing a rockslide from a section of trail. Rain started again soon after dark. Day 2: Woke up and it was raining HARD. Headed up to Big Hump with all our raingear and pack covers. Some of the side streams were unusually high and tricky to cross. Cleared lots more logs, but it was raining so hard that everyone's Gore-Tex raingear was getting overwhelmed and starting to soak through. Then the wind started to pick up with some strong gusts, so Ken recognized that with the risk of falling trees, it was too dangerous to keep working and wisely called a retreat. The river channel by camp, usually dry, was so overflowing and swift that it took us a while to find a safe place to cross. Everyone spent the afternoon in camp or in tents with the rain just POUNDING down! It must have rained at least two inches that day. Day 3: The rain had let up to a drizzle. Everyone had at least some gear that was wet. But a couple of sleeping bags had gotten wet during the downpour, so Ken decided we couldn't spend another night out, and cancelled the last day. The weather improved, we spent the day clearing out LOTS of logs (many new ones from the storm), then headed back to the trailhead. Everyone was well-prepared, it was just an unusually intense weather event. We still got a LOT of work done.
River Camp
Soaked but happy!
We got a LOT of work done.