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Trip Report

Sacagawea Heritage Trail — Friday, Apr. 21, 2017

Central Washington
Sunset on the Columbia River
The Sacagawea Heritage trail is a stroll along the Columbia River in the Tri-Cities, WA. Of course there is about 21 miles of trail that can be covered by bicycle in a grand loop. For walkers the hike is more limited to the section between Clover Island and the Cable Bridge and the Blue Bridge to the West which is about 5 miles. The trail can be accessed at several points, but near one of the two bridges makes sense as there is parking nearby either at Clover Island or Columbia Park. We parked at the trailhead parking near Clover Island and then walked East to the Cable Bridge, to the Vietnam War Memorial at the Cable Bridge, and then part of a loop that wasn't finished yet and returned back the way we came and headed West toward the Blue Bridge. The path is paved and mostly level with little elevation gain as it follows the wide, broad Columbia River bank. Benches and a few picnic tables are also along the way to stop and enjoy the views. Lots of water fowl along the banks and in some of the wetlands near the trail. It makes a great stroll for just about anyone and we met moms, kids, strollers, bikes, and walkers during our evening stroll. If you're in the Tri-City area and looking for some outdoor walking and the weather is good check out the Sacagewea Heritage trail.
Cable Bridge from the Sacagewea trail
Trail Passes under the bridge