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Trip Report

Lenore Lake Caves — Saturday, May. 20, 2017

Central Washington
Inside of one of the caves.

The hike to the caves is a short but still worth it. It has spectacular views beyond just the caves. It was an easy hike that would be ideal for kids or dogs. There were several “caves” that are really more outcroppings in the cliffside more than caves, but they do provide some shade and a break from the sun if you are hiking midday. There are many less traveled paths beyond the main one that leads to the caves if you want to extend your hike. The views from the various vistas are excellent. If you get adventurous there is several scrambles up scree that can lead to higher viewpoints and some breathtaking scenery. The hike had very few negatives, but it can get very warm in the afternoon so plan on going earlier in the day if you want to avoid the heat. There were some insects, including bees, but it was never an inconvenience or distracting.



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