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Trip Report

Bird Creek Meadows — Friday, Aug. 18, 2017

South Cascades
It worked for Stonehenge!

Bird Creek Meadows is closed to the public due to the devastation of the 2015 forest fire that swept the area.  The trees are blackened sticks and the ground is baked to dust and ash.  It was a sad sight to see, since I had worked this same trail system in 2013 on a WTA volunteer vacation.  Our mission this time was to refurbish the trails, repair bridges and drainage, and make the place suitable again for visitors.  Amazingly, one wooden outhouse survived the fire - it even still had unscorched toilet paper inside!

We completed the west trail up to the waterfall, including moving some very big rocks.  I was pleased to see the log bridge I helped build in 2013 was still strong.  The last day we worked on the east trail and improved it as much as we could in one day.  The road in and out of Bird Creek Meadows is even worse than before.  It has ruts so deep we had to fill one of them with rocks just to get past and the dust was so awful that our windshields were caked with dirt and it was hard to see.

Burnt trees, choking dust, hot temperature.
Our comfort station survived the fire.
The crew gets ready for another day.