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Trip Report

Ericson's Bay — Friday, Sep. 8, 2017

Olympic Peninsula
Ericsons Bay trailhead sign

During a multi-day backpack on the North Coast, we had some extra time to spend while waiting for the tide to go out, so we decided to drop our packs and take a detour inland to Ericsons Bay on Lake Ozette.

The trailhead begins at the South Sandpoint campground - a bit to the right of the camping area. The first quarter mile or so is quite overgrown, but the trail opens up after that and is easy to follow. There are a few blowdowns that require going under, over, around, or through fallen trees. Be careful of the slippery, rotting or collapsing boardwalk; though it's only 2 miles to the lake and mostly flat, the trail is a slower going since you need to watch your footing.

If it has rained recently, expect to get wet as you brush up against the foliage for most of the trail - rain gear definitely recommended!

All that said, it is a beautiful walk in the forest with many interesting mushroom sights, and Lake Ozette is incredibly tranquil. There is good water access at the lake, though limited ability to explore beyond where the trail ends.

Ericsons Bay on Lake Ozette
Ericsons Bay trail
Mushrooms seen along the Ericsons Bay trail