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Trip Report

Gothic Basin — Saturday, Sep. 9, 2017

North Cascades
Set out at 10 am on this overcast, gloomy, and cool Saturday. I say this with great relief and joy because we've all missed the rain so much! Trail head is easy to find. Definitely not an easy stroll through the forest. You have to bust your behind to earn those views! Lots of ripe blueberries along the way and spectacular views! The last 3rd of the trail is pretty rocky - some scrambling required. This was a bit challenging on the return trip as the rain started coming down and rocks became very slick. At the basin it was quite windy, chilly, and wet. Definitely felt like fall. But I was just deliriously happy to feel the sensation of cold again, after 3 months of profuse sweating. We attempted to eat lunch but our fingers went numb so we decided to descend a bit to escape the biting wind. The views are definitely worth the effort put in!