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Trip Report

Snow Lake — Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2017

Snoqualmie Region
The view from the loo

Happy Halloween!! This old witch and a friend decided to haunt this popular trail today for a change of scenery. We hopped on our broomsticks in the dark, of course, and got a good headwind over the traffic on 405. Once thru, we flew into McDs in North Bend for some eye of newt and a steaming cauldron of magic wake up brew before we reached the trailhead. As we parked our broomsticks, the light was just coming up. Although there were a few other brooms at the TH, we had the trail to ourselves, the haunt was good, the magic strong. Once we reached the top of the ridge and started down it was icy on the trail. We had no magic potion for this, just our witch boots and poles. The worst ice is in the middle section of the trail down and it is easy to slip on the icy rocks. It doesn't last long tho and no problems after that. There is a nice backcountry loo with great view of the lake. At this point the sun was out and the magic dimminishing and we started to meet a few people. Everyone we cackled at was headed to Gem, so we stayed at Snow, and ate our frog sand'witch' by the log bridge. A witches magic wanes at high noon and now more people were coming in as we were coming out. What is it about some dog parents that think the rules don't apply to them? 3 gals with 5 dogs and NONE on a leash!! (yeah you and your little dog too!) Not to mention the poo bags! A hex on all inconsiderate dog owners!! I should have brought my flying monkeys!! Since this is such a common hike, I tried to take pics of something else beside the lake. The fall color is almost gone

beargrass seedheads
cloud reflections
fall color in a pumpkin orange