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Trip Report

Hog Canyon Lake — Sunday, Aug. 5, 2018

Eastern Washington
Hog Lake

     This trip was my 3rd trip to Hog lake, and it was a good hike.  I do recommend for people to hike the area earlier in the season, because during the summer months the waterfall is dry, and the water level of the lake was pretty low as well.  The waterfall is probably the most interesting feature about this hike, but people should go during or shortly after the snow melt to see the massive waterfall in action.  The trails have been pretty well maintained each time I have visited, although this trip there was some overgrown bushes blocking parts of the trail.  They were easy to go around so it didn't really introduce any problems, however the insects were a bit of an issue. 

     Different bugs were out in abundance, such as the dragonflies that were dancing around the water's edge.  I was stung twice during this hike, and the first one was a pretty good one.  It was either a nasty wasp or hornet, so hikers should have some kind of protection from those.  There were also an abundance of grasshoppers, and they were literally all over the fields above Hog Lake.  As far as wildlife goes I saw two eagles possibly, but they were kind of far off so I am not sure exactly what type.  There were also some snakes in the taller grass along some of the trails, so be cautious of that.

     Overall, the road and trail conditions were relatively rough but passable, and it was extremely hot out in the open fields.  The patches of shade did provide some comfort during the hike, and it is best to hike the area in the morning or evening during the Summer months in order to avoid the hottest parts of the day.  I do highly recommend this area, as it has become a spot I visit every couple of months.  The hiking isn't too tough, but has some steep parts that lead to pretty nice views.  Make sure to stay safe and keep hiking strong!!    

Hog Lake Falls was dry on August 5
Hog Lake Falls in January 2018
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