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Japanese Gulch — Saturday, Feb. 9, 2019

Puget Sound and Islands
Port of Everett

This trail was a lot of fun in the snow. I parked my car on the south side of the road on 5th, just east of the dog park. There is room for maybe two cars here parallel other than that the dog park has space for maybe 20 or so cars. You can hike the upper gulch as well from the dog park but I opted to hike the lower gulch to the beach. I started the trail and headed north, walking down the trail over the train tracks and down to the water near the Port of Everett. This trail is very close to where the new Mukilteo ferry terminal will be. Trail was completely covered in snow but had a boot path that was very easy to follow. I chose to wear gaiters because they kept me warm and were nice at keeping the snow out of my shoes. Saw lots of birds flying around through the trees and tons of eagles soaring over the water. The waterfront stretch offered gorgeous views of the cascade peaks on the mountain loop and Baker!

Trail head starting on north side of road
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