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Trip Report

Carkeek Park

Puget Sound and Islands

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Hiked Oct 19, 2019

Type of Hike

Day hike

Trail Conditions

Trail in good condition


Road suitable for all vehicles


No bugs


Snow free

What an absolute blast! We are babysitting our friend’s precious lil yorkie this weekends, so we met up with some friends who also have a dog and had a doggy double date (highly recommend)! The first parking lot we found at the Eddie McAbee Entrance was full, but if you keeping going up to the road just to the right of the entrance, there is much more room to park. We started at the parking lot by the beach. It is important to look out for signs noting where dogs are and are NOT allowed. I know that there is at least one trail and the beach where even leashed dogs are NOT allowed! (Don’t worry; there are still PLENTY of places where they can have loads of fun!!).

It is FABULOUS how much this city park feels like the deep and wild forest! I’ll be honest, I wasn’t paying too much attention to the exact trails we were following, but I do know we ended up at Piper’s Orchard before turning back around. It is still really cool little spot even though there isn’t much fruit left on the trees.

Lots of other dogs on this muddy trail! As my boyfriend, Jackson, put it, they all had “muddy undercarriages.” If you have a dog, I would recommend bringing a towel in the car to wipe them off. We did not and I ended up with some VERY muddy pants on the ride home! We only ran into one off-leash dog who tried to jump on our friends’ dog and got his cute little yellow rain slicker all dirty. :( He wasn’t aggressive or anything, but please still keep your dogs on leash. :)

All in all, STELLAR hike, 10 out of 10, lots of fall leaves and (of course) mushrooms!