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Trip Report

Rattlesnake Ledge — Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2023

Snoqualmie Region
En route to the trailhead

First time here, just did the up & back to the ledge. Arrived at trailhead at about 8:15, the early morning light all along the trail verged on ethereal. Lichen and moss galore. 

Lots of small limb debris on the trail and some tree fall but nothing unnavigable. A few patches of snow trailside higher up; again, nothing unnavigable.

Heard a woodpecker on the way up but couldn't spot it. Heard it again on the way down. Slower than I am used to hearing pileated woodpeckers when I used to live with one out side our bedroom window, but was able to spot its red head on the return down. I assume it was pileated but wasn't able to see quite enough to confirm. 

I caught a ride with a friend. Usually this hike is transit accessible using Snoqualmie Valley Transit but unfortunately due to the driver shortage the route serving this area is suspended until the driver shortage is addressed. May be possible to use the door to door reservation system to get here from a North Bend bus stop if you don’t mind booking in advance and going on a weekday.

On the ledge