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Priest Lake, Idaho & Lakeshore Trail

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Hiked May 31, 2004

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Day hike
Upon arriving at the Priest Lake region our first hike was to locate the trailhead east of Nordman, ID for the Lakeshore Trail. This 7.2 mile trail hugs the shoreline along the west side of Priest Lake's mid-section. At times we were in dark forest, other times in open rocky outcroppings with grand views across Priest Lake at the Selkirk Mountains such at Chimney Rock, Roman Nose, etc.... About two miles in we stopped at one of the beach camp locations. Mittens had a wonderful swim (it actually was NOT raining; it was actually WARM outside in the sun!). Photography was splendid, and the water was cold. And...the trail, like many in the region, had splattering of poison ivy along the trail. Not as much as Pilot Bay on Kootenay Lake in B.C. last month, but enough to be happy the trail wasn't overgrown! Queens’s cup was the main wildflower show here as it covered areas fully. When we got to the beach a large family of red-necked grebes slowly swam out farther from shore from in front of us. And Mittens notified me of a noise twice up high in the tall trees---both times it was a huge mature bald eagle taking off from its perch right over our heads! We hiked back out the 2-3 miles we hiked up (we got as far as Distiller Bay). Hazards: poison ivy along trail