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Trip Report

Riverside State Park - Bowl & Pitcher — Monday, Aug. 5, 2013

Eastern Washington
Looking downstream from the Bowl & Pitcher Bridge.
This six-mile loop starts from the dayuse area of the Bowl & Pitcher campground in Riverside State Park (Discover Pass required). I started by crossing the bridge over the Spokane River, and then heading downstream on trail 25. Just a little past the picnic shelter I left trail 25 and the riverside by heading uphill on trail 210. This trail intersects and crosses Centennial Trail within the first mile, and then climbs its only major hill immediately after the crossing. At the top, park visitors are rewarded with an outstanding view of the burn area and the river. From here, the trail descends one steep/rocky section before intersecting Centennial Trail again. Turn left (downstream) on Centennial for about 100' and watch for the trail to the right (just before the mile 32 marker on Centennial Trail). Return to the river, intersect another segment of trail 25, and then return to Bowl and Pitcher by following trail 25 upstream. (Trail 25 is an excellent long route in the park: follow the whole loop to cover twenty-five miles!).
The ridge along trail 210 overlooking the burned area.
Back on trail 25 and heading upstream.