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Trip Report

East Rim Waterworks Canyon — Sunday, Nov. 3, 2013

Central Washington
Ethan Overlooking the Naches Valley, SE Ridge of Waterworks Canyon Photo (c) David Hagen
Ethan & I did the Pt 3582 - Waterworks Canyon loop today. We were right on the edge of the weather, so we had lots of clouds, but also lots of sun and not too much wind. When we got to the large band of basalt outcroppings about 2/3 of the way up the ridge we traversed out into the pinnacles and then back up to the ridgetop. Once on top of Pt 3582 we found a geocache/summit register in the summit cairn. We had great views down the Naches Valley & out over Naches Heights (there was still quite a bit of fall color left), back to the bulk of Mt Cleman, and down into Waterworks Canyon, but the Cascades were socked in. We also had a few flakes of snow come down as we ate. Just as we were about to head down a lone hiker came up the ridge and it turned out to be the person who had placed the cache a couple of years ago. After talking with him for a while, we headed down into the saddle between Pt 3582 and the main bulk of Mt Cleman, then down the trail that traverses easily into Waterworks Canyon and down the canyon to the car. We saw a couple of groups of bighorn sheep on the sides of the canyon and some aspens and cottonwoods still holding on to some yellow leaves in the canyon itself. This was a great day on one of my favorite hikes.
Basalt Pillar, SE Ridge of Waterworks Canyon Photo (c) David Hagen
Ethan Overlooking Waterworks Canyon Photo (c) David Hagen
Aspens & Willows, Waterworks Canyon Photo (c) David Hagen
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