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Dirty Harry's Balcony — Wednesday, Jun. 18, 2014

Snoqualmie Region
My boyfriend and I both had the day off so we decided to try a new hike and found this little gem. Morning was a bit chilly and overcast but with a steady incline, we warmed up pretty quickly. Parked under the electric lines and walked to the trailhead down the Fire Training road- unmarked trailhead but easy to find as you'll see some walking sticks propped up by it, on the right. Trail seemed like a dry-ish creek bed but not as rocky as Guye Peak, just small rocks, very navigable in hiking boots or running sneakers although can be a bit wet. Beautiful, mossy woods and barely another soul on the trail made the climb enjoyable and peaceful. The last little nook to get to the balcony after you bear off to a little path about 2 miles in is a little steppy but well worth it, the views from the balcony are gorgeous, even despite it being overcast and we set up a tripod to get a couple glory at conquering the mountaintop pictures but there was one little switchback left in the trail as my boyfriend kneeled down and ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM. Turns out the views looking in were even better than the views looking out! BEST.HIKE.EVER. We didn't make it to the museum on this trip because of a time crunch and it was darn chilly once you get all sweaty and then stop for awhile to take pictures and devote your life to someone, so we headed back down with aspirations of returning another day to check out the museum a bit farther up the trail and revisit the spot where my dreams came true.