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Trip Report

Camas Meadows — Sunday, Oct. 12, 2014

Central Cascades
This was our daughter's second major hike on her own power. She walked more than 1.5 miles of this 2 mile hike, and asked to walk more later that day. The last time she hiked, she had a steady supply of fresh berries to encourage and energize her. This time, we had to invent some games. We got her to walk half a mile uphill by offering to show her a picture of herself and then running 20 feet ahead and taking a picture. We got her to walk a mile downhill by standing with our legs shoulder-width apart and inviting her to run up to us and then walk through our legs. My wife and I took turns running ahead and making a new "tunnel' for her to walk through. This game had a couple of benefits beyond motivation. It helped us direct her away from any hazards on the trail. It also kept her from going too fast as she ran down the trail. Allowing her to hike on her own increased our hiking time by about 50%, but it was a lot of fun and we're hoping that she'll be a seasoned hiker by the time that she's too heavy to carry. She'll be two next month, so we have a little bit of time there :) The trail was wide and the old roadbed was made of soft dirt. It was perfect for teaching a toddler to hike. The aspens were a brilliant yellow, even in the overcast light. There weren't as many as I'd have liked, though. The nearby Twin Peaks (Horse Lake Mountain) trail would be a better hike for aspens. It is longer though - 7 miles instead of 2.