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Sharpe Park - Sares Head — Saturday, Nov. 29, 2014

Puget Sound and Islands
Marty models "serious" for the camera
We had a WTA Work Party to rehabilitate the Sares Head trails in Sharpe Park. These short but beautiful trails are rooty or in need of drainage improvements in many places. Maintenance occurs here primarily through the efforts of volunteers a few times a year. A lot of volunteers signed up for this work party, but cold and snow kept a few people away and resulted in a winnowing of the group at lunchtime. Our crew leader was Arlen, and Assistant Crew Leaders were Jon, Terry, Richard, Marty, Peter, and Mike. One of the challenges of working in Sharpe Park is that there is not much mineral soil for the trail surface; most of the material around is duff, and rock is at a premium, as well. Therefore, we have to import gravel for a lot of the trail surfaces. Projects included spreading gravel on the trail and building turnpikes, partly for better drainage and partly to provide a non-rooty walking surface. I worked with ACLs Terry, Peter, and Mike to take a rooty section and start the construction of turnpikes. We removed roots and cut down small cedars to serve as retainer logs. We cut the retainers to length, to fit the terrain, and we drove in stakes to hold the retainers in place. The outlines of a more user-friendly trail were taking shape by the time we were finished. After we were finished, we enjoyed cookies and apple cider in the parking area.
Gravel pile
Turnpike retainers in place. Notice the stakes, too!