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Trip Report

Tahoma Creek Suspension Bridge - Emerald Ridge Loop — Saturday, Mar. 28, 2015

Mount Rainier Area
We had no issues getting to the end of the westside road, just some small potholes that most cars could easily handle. You still have to hike 1.75~ miles or so until you get to the actual trail head. There were two rock patches that you need to traverse and it can be pretty easy to lose the trail during these sections. Since the clouds obscured our views we didn't get too much eye candy until we got to the suspension bridge. The Hike is worth it for the bridge alone, it is enormous! It's a very surreal scene seeing it that far out on a trail. Overall, the hike was alright, I would give it a 7/10 since there are many other hikes in the area I have enjoyed more, it if weren't for the bridge it would be a 5/10 or so. Either way, it beats sitting inside all day!