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Sand Point — Saturday, Apr. 25, 2015

Olympic Peninsula
Boardwalk through the coastal bog.
A great 3 mile hike out to the coast. The beach was incredible. The boardwalk/hike through the coastal bog was even more amazing. It was unlike any ecosystem I've ever seen. Something out of Jurassic Park! The Velella velella jellyfish (purple sail) have hit the coast and there are tens of thousands at Ozette Beach right now. A very cool sight to see! DOGS: No dogs allowed on any trails. Dogs are allowed (on leash) at campground. TIME: It took about 1 hour one-way to the beach (2 hours total). Because we started late in the day, we were unable to do the entire loop. I think it is definitely worth it do to the entire loop, and I am bummed we couldn't!
Amazing beach views.
Velella velella jellyfish up-close.
Thousands and thousands of Velella velella jellyfish.
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