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Steps into Wilderness FAQ

Steps into Wilderness FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


Photo by Trevor Anderson


Q. Why should my organization invest time in taking youth hiking?

Getting youth comfortable with hiking is a fantastic way to build self-confidence through outdoor exploration and healthy exercise. By being exposed to hiking at an early age, youth are more likely to continue hiking as adults and have a greater investment in the outdoors.


Q. What types of organizations can participate in this program?

Whether you are a school group, scout troop, or community group, chances are Steps into Wilderness has something for you. The program is geared toward leaders who work with youth ages 13-18 who desire to hike but who have little to no experience. Youth leaders who already engage youth in hiking and are looking to learn more are also welcome to participate.


Q. I would like to sign up for the Steps into Wilderness program, how many participants are required?

Workshops and hiking groups require at least eight but not more than twenty participants. Special arrangements may be made for groups who do not meet the minimum or exceed the maximum number of participants.


Q. When are workshops and hikes available for participants?

Workshops and weekend hikes are available September through May. Afterschool hikes are available September-October and March-May. During the summer months, the Steps into Wilderness program is not available due to our youth trail maintenance program. 

Q. What are some things I can do help WTA facilitate Steps into Wilderness with my organization?

Clear communication between your organization and WTA makes preparation for workshops and hiking trips go smoothly. WTA desires that a contact person be in place to work with us for the duration of this program. Youth participants are required to attend both an initial workshop and a follow-up hike.


Photo by Trevor Anderson