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views looking north-west
Being a sunny day, we decided to head to Fidalgo Island for a little hiking. First stop was a quick climb up a short trail at the base of Mount Erie to a bench and view of Lake Erie. Next we headed to Sharpe Park - Montgomery Duban Headlands trails. We took the outer loop trails with a side trip to Sares Head for a view of the Olympics, Whidbey Island, and San Juan Islands. Though this trail is just over 2 miles according to the sign map, it seems a lot farther since it has considerable elevation change along the bluff, but that makes for a good workout. At Sares head, we rested a bit while enjoying the views and watching a Bald Eagle soar overhead. We hiked up the hill behind the bench at Sares head to see if the views were better -- no, not really, but we discovered someone had carried up 3 lawn chairs.
take a seat and enjoy the views!
we were being watched
we took the outer loop trails
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Sharpe Park - Montgomery-Duban Headlands

Skagit Parks used to have a really nice map of this park, but when they changed their web address it vanished. But I just found it on their new website at this link:[…]/sharpe.htm

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raring2hike on Dec 16, 2011 03:47 PM