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Goat Lake — Tuesday, Jun. 14, 2016

North Cascades
morning coffee
This is a perfect early season backpacking hike! Took my girlfriend for her first overnighter hike and we had a blast. Arrived Tuesday @ 1030am and we were the ONLY car in the lot. Something about rain in the forecast does wonderful things for crowd control. Took the Upper Elliot creek train with the goal to avoid dodging early season tree slides and mud. Brilliant plan. Just a bit muddy in areas, dodged maybe three trees total. The trail is very simple to follow. We did miss the sharp left switchback up the ridge, but you only go a few yards until you see the falls/river you cannot forge and realize this can't be the right way. Double back and the switchback is plan to see from the other direction. We had the lake entirely to ourselves. If you hike around to the left of the lake, past the day area, there are a few flat camping areas directly by the lake. We moved a few rocks aside and had lake front property for the night. Only one other backpacker came in that evening. Left around 1pm Wednesday and got into Granite Falls by 5pm for dinner. Little rain never hurt anyone ;-)
our wee spot
"magic rain"
the million dollar view