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Burroughs Mountain — Monday, Aug. 21, 2017

Mount Rainier Area

Got to Sunrise at 8:30 this morning hoping to have a fun eclipse experience. The trail is in great shape. There were a bunch of people hanging out at the first Burroughs so we hung out there waiting for the sky to darken. Here are a few things we overheard from the eclipse watchers. 

  • I think it's getting dark. It's darker isn't it? Is it colder? I think it just got colder. 
  • You don't have glasses? Try mine. 
  • I was one of those schmos who didn't get glasses but someone just gave me theirs. Want to use them?
  • Don't stand in front of my life changing moment. Hahaha


What a great day! The sky was blue, friendly, happy hikers, marmots whistling, goats grazing, the mountain was outstanding. Had lunch at the second burroughs and would have been happy to stay all day. 

Apparently taking pictures of the eclipse doesn't ruin your phone.
Fat chipmunk, lazy goats, quick marmot, and a frog.
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