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Trip Report

Navaho Pass, Navaho Peak — Saturday, Sep. 1, 2018

Snoqualmie Region
Fearless crew leader extraordinaire!

Headed up to Navaho Peak for a relaxed weekend backpacking trip. As we were getting organized at the trail head we encountered WTA crew leader Lisa Black and her crew who had just finished a volunteer vacation working on the Stafford Creek trail.Thank you, Lisa and crew! The trail looks terrific.

We decided to overnight at the meadow and spend the following day exploring. The meadow is sizeable and there are plenty of established campsites. We expected more competition for spots, but there were only two other parties there on Saturday night that we were aware of. Water can be found in small creek running through the meadow.

Side note: I was dismayed to see evidence of recent campfires at many campsites. I'm not sure what people are thinking. It is bone-dry everywhere and fire danger is extreme. Please, please, please, no campfires folks.

On Sunday morning we hiked up to Navaho Peak to enjoy the view before returning to pack up our things to go home. We were just about to head out when we encountered none other than WTA board member Thomas Goldstein and friend Liz, out for a day hike. Always so much fun to run into my fellow WTA community members out on trail!

All around a great adventure! The only thing that detracted from our fun were the incredibly aggressive yellow jackets that swarmed around us any time the food came out (and sometimes for no apparent reason). Luckily no one got stung.

Navaho Peak snack stop
Trail friends :-)