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Burroughs Mountain — Tuesday, Aug. 19, 2014

Mount Rainier Area
I took my FIL's girlfriend's daughter hiking she's almost 15, next week. It was her first hike. She has seen my pictures so knew a little what to expect. But I on the other hand didn't know how awesome it would be for me to share this experience with a teen. Recently i took my mother on our first hike together she's almost 78 and did 3 miles at Paraidse, what joy that brought me is Bucket Loads of happiness. But seeing Allisa's joy and love for the mountain immediatley made me "gush" again. I knew we were in for an awesome day when she was excited over the chipmucks in the parking lot! She got up early 5AM to hike, we started hiking about 7:30 we saw a grouse with 5 babies almost immediately, then 2 marmots, pikas, huge heard of goats, only 2 people. Headed up burrough's and she was like what is around the corner. She was so excited she said she wanted to run up the last part, I said "go for it"! I taught her leave no trace, how to NOT feed wildlife, keep it wild, not to meadow stomp, flower lessons, etc etc... She kept saying "it's just so beautiful"! Ahhh makes my heart melt. I'm pretty sure i have a new hiker in training here! I look forward to trips to come with my mom and teen in my life! So fun to share this with others, who "get it". We made a loop back down to shadow lake and around finishing around noon. With a proper stop at Wapiti woolies for huckleberry shake, she so deserved it!