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100,000 HOURS!!!

Posted by Diane Bedell at Nov 23, 2010 09:40 PM |

Amazing! WTA's volunteer trail maintenance program surpassed 100,000 hours for the first time ever.

We really did it! WTA volunteers have surpassed the 100,000 hour mark for donated labor on Washington's amazing trail system. On the weekend of November 14th while working in classic Northwest drizzle, one of 42 volunteers scooped up a shovel full of dirt, muck, leaves or rock and turned over our 100,000 volunteer hour. 

Perhaps it was one of the 15 volunteers working on the Railroad Grade Trail at Dosewallips State Park. Could it have been one of Rachel's many shovels full of dirt used to cover up a new culvert so skillfully installed in the trail? 

Perhaps it was one of eight volunteers at Larrabee State Park. Maybe it was Lance who turned over the 100,000 hour on his fifth work party, not only setting a milestone for WTA but earning him his very own shiny green hardhat as well?

Crew Leader Arlen might tell you that it just had to be Ben as he cleared out some really stinky muck from the drainage ditch on the Clayton Beach Trail.

But then again, maybe it was one of 19 volunteers working in the mist and mud up on the Northwest Timber Trail at Tiger Summit.  Digging out drainage ditches, retreading sections of trail and preparing for a new rock turnpike kept this happy band of volunteers busy for the day.

No one knows for sure, and it doesn't really matter.  Like so many things at WTA, its the group effort that makes the difference in the long run. Thanks to ALL our amazing volunteers for helping to make 2010 a remarkable year for trails in Washington!

If you want to get in on the action and volunteer with WTA, please check out our trail work party schedule. We're out rain or shine, six days a week!