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Hike on up to B.C.

Posted by Andrew Engelson at Aug 13, 2006 05:00 PM |
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There's no excuse to ignore all the great hiking north of the Canadian border.

I sometimes think we in the states we have a strange affliction where everything north of the 49th parallel is completely invisible to us. But anyone who's been to the summit of Church Mountain in the North Cascades knows there's a whole feast of mountains stretching far north of Shuksan and Baker.

For suggestions when heading up to the great white north of British Columbia, check this article in the July issue of Washington Trails magazine. And check out this article in last year's Washington Trails magazine on hiking the extraordinary West Coast Trail on the coast of Vancouver Island. Other resources include, a commercial site with a lot of free information on hikes in B.C. and Alberta, and also Or check out this personal site called "Vancouver Hiking" by an avid B.C. hiker.

The definitive guide to the region, 103 Hikes in Southwestern British Columbia, is by Jack Bryceland--an experienced hiker and genuinely nice guy who lives in Chilliwack, B.C..

Garibaldi LakeOne of my favorite hikes (from the few times I've hiked B.C.) is Garibaldi Lake, which, to do it justice, should really be done as an overnight, including Black Tusk and Panorama Ridge (but try to do it on a weekday to avoid crowds!). Check a recent trip report here. The glaciated face of Garibaldi, the icy blue waters of the lake, and plenty of wildflowers are the main attractions.

Photo of Garibaldi Lake by "Mike C."