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A record year for WTA volunteers!

Posted by Andrew Engelson at Dec 03, 2006 04:00 PM |
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Youth at Wallace FallsIn 2006, WTA will beat its previous record for trail work volunteer hours. We're on track to break 74,000 volunteer hours by year's end. Our previous best year was 2003, when our volunteers put in 67,000 hours.

That's a phenomenal accomplishment. To the 1,750 people who joined us this year to care for our state's trails, THANK YOU!

Turns out you're part of a national trend.

According to a federal report released today, Americans are volunteering at the highest rate in thirty years. Adult volunteering rose sharply between 1989 and 2005, increasing by more than 32 percent. Some of the really encouraging trends in study were that older teenagers (ages 16-19) have more than doubled their time volunteering since 1989, and the volunteer rate  for Americans 65 years and over increased by 64 percent since 1974.

The report says that much of the rise in teen volunteering can be attributed to school programs incorporating community service. Here at WTA, we saw our Volunteer Vacations for Youth program fill to capacity this year, and high school students hefted Pulaskis and grub hoes during the summer to help us complete the brand new Greg Ball Trail at Wallace Falls State Park.

Never volunteered for trails before? It's fun, and you'll be doing your part for our state's magnificent trails. Join us in 2007! Or help us on foothills trails this month. Click here for more info on volunteering with WTA.

Photo: High school volunteers at Wallace Falls state park.