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Pledge to Keep Trails Clean, Win a New Klean Kanteen

Posted by Francakes at Apr 06, 2015 03:15 PM |

Do you bring your own water bottle when you hike? Do you pack your trash out? Sign the pledge to keep our trails clean, and be entered to win a new Klean Kanteen.

If you hike, you're not alone. Seventy-two percent of Washingtonians use trails each year. We love that more people are getting outdoors, but that also means we need to work even harder to protect our trails.

You probably know that more boots on trail can mean more trash, too. You might have even picked up trash along the trail once or twice. (If you have, thank you!)

To make it easier to keep trails clean, WTA is teaming up with Klean Kanteen for Earth Month. Along with WTA’s statewide efforts to promote good trail stewardship, Klean Kanteen is promoting the #bringyourown campaign to help encourage everyone keep our wild areas litter-free.

It’s so easy to replace disposable plastic bottles with resuable bottles for your hikes. And if everyone joins in, our trails will be cleaner than ever!

Small steps, big impact

Sign the pledge to keep our trails clean and be entered to win a new reusable water bottle from Klean Kanteen.

When you take the pledge to keep trails clean, you agree to:

  • Bring your own. Reduce waste on and off trail by bringing your own durable, reusable goods.
  • Pack it in and pack it out! Dispose of waste (human, dog and trash) properly. And if you see trash on trail, pick it up.
  • Respect wildlife: observe from a safe distance and pledge not to feed them.
  • Camp right! Pledge to travel and camp on durable surfaces, and minimize your fire impact (use lightweight stoves for cooking, and only use existing fire rings where campfires are allowed).
  • Preserve the wild experience. Pledge to help create a great trail culture that respects other trail users, yielding the trail and letting the sounds of nature prevail.
  • Tell your friends. Help your hiking buddies keep trails clean by making sure they know what it means to leave no trace.

Even if you’re already the greenest "leave no trace" expert, we still need you to take the pledge to show other trail-users that keeping our trails clean is easy.

To keep our trails forever, we need to keep them clean. Please sign the pledge and then tell us how else you keep trails clean.