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Exploring the World of Gear

Posted by Lace Thornberg at Aug 04, 2010 11:30 AM |

WTA's Lace Thornberg blogs from the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show.

Gear. Gear. Gear. More gear. 

Like many of you, I've got a storage room full of outdoor gear that I regularly put through the paces on the trail. What I never knew before is that one could actually own a convention center full of gear.

I'm attending the Outdoor Retailer trade show today and, besides being blown away by the sheer quantity of gear available to outdoor enthusiasts, I've been impressed by how committed some companies are to preserving wild places and connecting people to the outdoors. Kudos to the industry. 

Of course, I have also been intrigued by a number of new pieces that either seem like a great fit for WTA folks or that really seem to fill a specific niche. Here are just a few examples, with more to come: 

Those who take part in WTA's trail work parties may be interested to know that Levi's and Seattle-based Filson's just announced that they are partnering on a limited edition set of men's workwear that looks pretty durable.

Use electronics while out on the trail? You can pick up a device that charges up while you hike, or sport a backpack with solar panels.

Hikers who like to set up a base camp in one area and hike a few different trails over a week will really appreciate National Geographic Maps' new series of Trails Illustrated products for Washington. Get their Columbia Gorge map and you'll have coverage for the region, both sides of the river. 

Expectant, active women should definitely check out Mountain Mama's products. This cute line of maternity clothes is made from performance fabrics and they are thoughtfully designed to fit before, during and after pregnancy. 

Rest assured - no matter who you are or what your approach to being active outdoors is, there is a piece of gear made just for you.

Now back to the action at the Convention Center. I'll give you more scoop next week.



May be worth mentioning that this trade show is taking place in Salt Lake City:

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