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Wild Eating

Posted by Lace Thornberg at Jul 16, 2010 10:45 AM |
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Foraging will be a theme of the next Washington Trails magazine.

There is a neat stack of books on the corner of my desk right now. Here are a few of the titles: Wild Edible Plants of Western North America, Wild Mushroom Recipes, Fat of the Land, Edible Wild Plants.

Picking up on a theme? In the September-October issue of Washington Trails, we'll have a short feature story on foraging for wild plants so I'm digging in to the topic now. Next week, I'll be talking with Langdon Cook, WTA board member, food blogger and the author of Fat of the Land, about Washington's wild edibles.

As we pull this article together, we'd love a little input from our readers.

For those of you who are frequent foragers, what trails do you recommend for fiddleheads, for seaweed, or a great berry patch? When do you go out mushrooming and what supplies do you bring along? Do you have a scrumptious recipe that features wild edibles?

For those of you new to trailside nibbling, what questions do you have about eating wild plants? Where do you go for information about what's good, what's simply edible and what might give you hives?

Share your wild edible advice and your questions here as comments or send them directly to

Thanks, and happy foraging!


Blue Berries

A bit later in the season I LOVE heading up to the Sol Duc Falls / Deer Lake area: There are more wild blue berries up there than you can dream of eating. Nothing beats cooking up some pancakes in the morning with fresh wild blueberries.

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OlympicWanderer on Jul 19, 2010 05:31 PM