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Hike-a-Thon Trip Report Roundup

Posted by Erika Haugen-Goodman at Aug 14, 2015 11:58 AM |
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We gathered some of the best Hike-a-Thon trip reports and pictures from the first half of August. Consider giving to their Hike-a-Thon teams to help them reach their fundraising goals!

Hike-a-Thon is in full swing, and we've enjoyed seeing all your trip reports and photos from August so far. From alpine ascents to coastal hikes, Hike-a-Thoners have made tracks all over Washington's trails. Here are a few of our favorite trip reports from the first half of the month:

Trip Reporter: KatieMae
Hike-a-Thoner KatieMae took a trip to Mt. Adams to do the South Climb with a group of friends and reached the summit on a sunny day. The climb netted her 12 miles for Hike-a-Thon, and some nice views from the top. Support her and her team, Smarty Pints, as they continue to hike in August!

KatieMae Mt. Adams HaT
KatieMae's climbing group at the summit of Mt. Adams. Photo by KatieMae.

Trip Reporter: austineats
Hike-a-Thoner austineats is on a mission to put in some serious miles this month, and he's also done an awesome job fundraising. In fact, he's already achieved 140% of his original fundraising goal! For this hike, he visited Suntop Peak in the Mount Rainier area. The fire lookout at the top provided a nice destination with great views. Consider funding him as he Hike-a-Thons this month.

Austin Smith HaT
Checking out the fire spotting equipment at the lookout. Photo by Austin Smith.

Trip Reporter: B.Robert
If wildlife is what Hike-a-Thoner B.Robert wanted, he certainly got it. His trip report from Lake Ingalls and Longs Pass features pictures of both a bear and a goat. You can support him in his Hike-a-Thon quest this month by visiting his fundraising page.

Goat Lake Ingalls
Goat on the trail. Photo by B.Robert.

Trip Reporter: Solo Steve
Talk about a day full of sights! Solo Steve and four hiking friends met up for a tour of the Mount Rainier area. They hit Grand Park, Northern Loop, Berkeley Park, Sourdough Ridge, and Huckleberry Creek. Steve is one of WTA's board members, and is participating in his 10th Hike-a-Thon this year, so consider helping him and his team, Beam Us Up Scotty, as they trek for more miles this month!

Rainier Photo by Steve Payne
Rainier from Grand Park. Photo by Steve Payne.

Trip Reporter: Marley
Taking some wonderful photos along the way, Hike-a-Thoner Marley hit the Artist Ridge - Huntoon Point Trail in the Mount Baker area. Though the hike is fairly short, it doesn't skimp on the views, as you can see from his trip report. You can support his Hike-a-Thon journey this month and help him reach his fundraising goal!

Mount Baker by Bob Wightman
Mount Baker from the trail. Photo by Marley.

It's not too late to join us for Hike-a-Thon this month if you haven't signed up yet. You can also sponsor a team or individual hiker as they help fundraise for Washington's trails. Happy hiking!