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Looking for the Next Leader of the Trails Program

Posted by Karen Daubert at Nov 12, 2011 09:10 AM |
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Karen Daubert's first week on the job took her to two volunteer appreciation events on opposite sides of the state. She saw first-hand the commitment and love for trails that WTA's volunteers have. Now she is appealing to you to help find the next leader of WTA's trails program.

I finished my first month as Executive Director of Washington Trails Association by celebrating with WTA’s volunteers and supporters on both sides of the state in two unique Volunteer Appreciation events.

First, I traveled to Eastern Washington where I met 30 super trail workers who have done amazing things to transform trails near Spokane and in the Colville National Forest. Then at Seattle's event, I met with dozens of volunteers from throughout the Puget Sound region who listened as land manager after land manager thanked them and WTA for critical trail work. They praised WTA for the quality and quantity of the work and reported that they foresee even more reliance on WTA volunteers for key trail work in the years ahead.

All of this is to preface a personal appeal to pass the word to anyone you know who may be interested in a fantastic job: WTA Trails Program Director.

The Trails Program Director oversees the entire WTA trail maintenance program. This includes our volunteer work throughout the state - day trips, volunteer vacations, backcountry response teams, and our vibrant youth program. In 2011, this program managed more than 2,400 volunteers and put in 95,000 hours of work on trails.

You may think that we are searching for someone who is seasoned in trail maintenance. That would be a nice attribute, but far more important are leadership and management skills, the ability to create a strategic vision for the program and an ease with connecting with people - the staff, volunteers and land managers. We are looking for the person who can take our award-winning trail work program to the next level.

Is this you? Someone you know?

I do know that this is a dream job for someone out there, so please spread the word!

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