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Gratitude for Craig McKibben

Posted by Karen Daubert at Oct 21, 2011 09:49 AM |

WTA's new executive director, Karen Daubert, writes about how her first two weeks on the job were made so much easier by the work that Craig McKibben did while filling in during the interim.

My first two weeks on the job was like the first fall snow. It was exciting. It represented change – a big one for me and for WTA's incredible staff. And it was a sign that it was time to settle down and plan for an exciting year ahead.

The one person most responsible for making my first week go so smoothly is Craig McKibben. He is amazing, and all of us at WTA are so grateful for his gift of time throughout the past six months.

I first met Craig several years ago when we did a climb together of Eldorado in the North Cascades and found him to be calm, kind and adventurous. Several years later, he recruited me to the board of WTA at a time when I was saying no to anything new (demonstrating Craig’s persuasiveness). Little did I know that a year later, I would be taking over the helm of the organization – from him!

Last spring when WTA’s director left, Craig was able and willing to step in until a new executive director was hired. He spent six months in the office – full time, all day and every day. He liked to joke that he did it because of the pay – which he had opted not to receive.

Before serving as the acting executive director, Craig had been on the board for five years, serving as board president for two of them. Before that, he was a founder of WRQ software company. You do not need to spend much time with Craig before you hear about amazing hikes with his wife Sarah and their three children, annual backcountry ski trips with a close group of friends, or trekking and climbing for years in the Himalayas.

Craig is representative of the passion and kindness of WTA members. While he is returning to the retirement he richly deserves, he will remain on the Board of Directors where his experience this summer will make him even more effective.

Thank you, Craig! Each of us at WTA is forever grateful for your time and leadership.