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Quiz: Are You a Hiker or a Hibernator?

Posted by Jessi Loerch at Jan 11, 2019 11:26 AM |

Are you a dozing bear or a hopping hare?

As humans, we don’t possess the ability to nap all through the winter months, although some of us wish we did. While trails across Washington are still open for snowy exploration — and we encourage you to get out there — there are also perks to curling up inside, warm and dry, when the weather changes. Take our quiz and determine whether you’re more of a wintertime hiker or hibernator.

Photos by missroselouise and Marco Verch

Which would you rather enjoy a warm beverage from?
A. An ironic mug
B. A sticker covered thermos

Which would you rather have on your feet?
A. Fuzzy socks
B. Snowshoes

What would you rather wear on your face?
A. Reading glasses
B. Snow goggles

Which would you prefer?
A. Watching Debbie Reynolds and Gene Kelly sing in the rain
B. Personally singing in the rain

Where would you rather soak?
A. At your favorite spa
B. In natural hot springs

Where would you rather be?
A. Inside, in Tacoma
B. Outside, on Tahoma

Where would you rather hear the pitter-patter of the rain?
A. On your bedroom window
B. On the rainfly of your tent

Which do you enjoy more?
A. Playing board games
B. Writing in the rain

Which would you rather sip ice-cold, filtered, water from?
A. A Britta from your fridge
B. A Lifestraw from a glacial stream

What would you rather be doing?
A. Crossword puzzles
B. Cross-country skiing

Photos by Eric Kilby and Dave Doe

Mostly A: You’re a natural hibernator. Like a bear, you enjoy curling up cozy for the winter. While you’re enjoying your warm drink, perhaps you’d like to peruse our selection of warm drinks. Then, when you do venture outside, perhaps on a nearby trail, you’ll have a bit of cozy comfort to bring along.

Mix of A and B: You’re somewhere between the sleeping black bear and the active snowshoe hare. For when you’d like to curl up indoors, here are some books we love. When you’re feeling more adventurous, here are tips for staying safe and having fun in the winter.

Mostly B: You’re an adventurous hiker. We expect you’re already getting outside regularly. But as you're reading this, you probably aren't in the backcountry right now. So it'd be a great time to tell us about your adventures in a trip report.


chrisburke on Quiz: Are You a Hiker or a Hibernator?

Ha! I answered A to every one of these questions. But I still like to hike in the winter. I just stay away from all that nasty snow, and I won't hike in the rain willingly.

Posted by:

chrisburke on Jan 14, 2019 08:27 AM