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Red Bluff BCRT: Saving Trails in Colville National Forest

Posted by Anna Roth at Aug 05, 2015 01:55 PM |

Take a look at what a WTA volunteer crew can accomplish in four days! This 10-person crew replaced a worn-out bridge with a sturdy new turnpike on the Red Bluff Trail in the Colville National Forest.

Recently, a group of tenacious WTA volunteers made gorgeous improvements on a Backcountry Response Team (BCRT) at the Red Bluff trail in Colville National Forest. Over four days, they replaced a worn-out bridge on the Red Bluff Trail with a 25-foot structure known as a turnpike. This new trail structure will keep hikers' and horses' feet dry as they explore this trail near the scenic Shedroof Divide.

Dave Drum with the Forest Service in the Colville was impressed by the work that was done. In fact, he told crew leader Holly Weiler, "Your crew did an excellent job on the Red Bluff project. Hope you had fun, I'm very impressed, come work on our forest anytime!"

Assistant crew leader Todd Dunfield documented the fun and great work; check out his pictures below.

bridge before red bluff todd dunfield
The bridge before WTA got to the project. We needed to make this passable for both hiker and stock.

splitting logs on red bluff todd dunfield
Splitting logs for the decking (the part that you walk on) of the bridge.

smiling volunteer on red bluff trail todd dunfield
Prepping the decking to go onto the turnpike, visible in the background of the photo.

bridge halfway done red bluff todd dunfield 640
The turnpike coming together. Gravel is placed in the wood crib, then dirt filled in and decking placed on top of it all.

smiles on trail todd dunfield
Volunteers are all smiles as the turnpike comes together.

completed bridge todd dunfield 640
The crew poses on their completed turnpike.

horse on bridge todd dunfield
Packers and horses with Back Country Horsemen of Washington (who help WTA pack tools out) test out stock-friendliness of the completed turnpike.




Wow!! Nicely done. Thanks!

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LizzyRN on Sep 04, 2015 01:36 PM