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5 WTA-Worthy Resolutions for 2019

Posted by Teddy Wingo at Dec 26, 2018 02:50 PM |
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If you love trails, these 5 resolutions will you get you outdoors, help your fellow hikers and give you a feeling of accomplishment from making a difference all across the state.

As this year comes to a close, and another is about to begin, it's a great time to look back and plan ahead. If your goals for 2019 involves time on trail, we have suggestions to make that time even more fulfilling. Here are 5 resolutions — from wielding a shovel on a work party to helping state lawmakers understand the importance of trail funding — that will make a difference for all hikers. 

Do a work party

Volunteering on trail with WTA is a fun and satisfying way to give back to the places you love to hike. On a WTA work party, you will learn how trails are built, enhanced and maintained while sharing the experience with fellow hikers. Work parties are led by experienced crew leaders who help to make the day not only productive but also fun! Single identity work parties are also available, part of our effort to ensure everyone feels welcome on trail.

Do a work party. Photo by Teddy Wingo.jpg
Pete has plenty of experience — but volunteers of all experience levels are welcome on WTA work parties. Photo by Teddy Wingo

Become a member

Join WTA as a member to support our work to mobilize hikers to create a trail system that serves everyone, forever. As a member, you support trail maintenance, advocacy and education programs that protect and preserve Washington’s trails. Members receive perks such as a subscription to Washington Trails Magazine and invitations to WTA events, among others. With your support, together we can continue to inspire the folks of Washington State to lace up their boots and get out on trail!

Become a Member. Photo by Emma Cassidy.jpg
Become a member and enjoy a number of events, such as this happy hour for members. Photo by Emma Cassidy

Write a trip report

Writing a trip report is another great way for hikers to help hikers — and you can do it after enjoying a beautiful day on the trail! To get started, you'll just need a My Backpack account and then you can share what you discovered on your adventures. By submitting your report, you can inform other hikers about trail conditions, potential hazards and more. And of course, before you head out on your own adventures, check recent trip reports to know what to expect. 

Write a trip report. Photo by Wendi Lindquist.jpg
Some hikers like to take notes while on their hikes — a great way to remember your trips and ensure detailed trip reports. Photo by Wendi Lindquist

Go on a hike

Resolve to spend time on trail! For ideas on where to hike, visit the WTA Hiking Guide for hiking options all across the state — and maybe you'll resolve to try a new trail. New to hiking? Read our tips to get you started on a safe and fun adventure. And, yes, when its all said and done, write a trip report. Two resolutions in one!

 jessica bora.jpg
Whether it is with friends, family or a solo trek, exploring the trails of Washington will always leave you with a smile! Photo by Jessica Bora.

Attend hiker rally day

In February during budget years in the state Legislature, Washington Trails Association teams up with enthusiastic hikers to talk with state lawmakers about the importance of trails for our state. You don't need any experience — we'll give you all the tools you need to make a difference. This year, Hiker Rally Day is on Feb. 19, 2019 in Olympia. Come and show your support for the trails that we love!

HRD 2017-2.jpg
Folks gathered in record numbers for Hiker Rally Day 2017. Photo by WTA staff

What are your resolutions for 2019? We want to hear. Tell us in the comments.