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Sawtooth Logout a Success!

Posted by c_wall at Jun 21, 2010 03:35 PM |

Working on ten different trails, the Sawtooth volunteer crew cleared a total of 27 miles! Approximately 70 trees were cross-cut (over 80 cuts made) and over 50 trees were cleared with hand-saws.

What do you get when you take twelve motivated volunteers and put them near trails covered in winter blowdown? 

The answer is simple, miles and miles of open trail!

This year’s Sawtooth Ridge logout was a huge success. Working on ten different trails, the crew cleared a total of 27 miles! Approximately 70 trees were cross-cut sawed (over 80 cuts made) and over 50 trees were cleared with corona hand-saws. 

To top it off during the week the crew collectively hiked a staggering 260+ miles to do the work! That's frankly incredible but pales in comparison to the incredible volunteers that made it happen. 

If you’ve not done logout before, it’s one of the best but also most dangerous aspects of trailwork. It allows small teams of three or four to work together and get to know each better than in a larger group. Together they share responsibilities, keep an eye on each other, build rapport, and often see different trails daily. Saw crews analyze challenging situations to figure out how best to safely start cutting. Once the day is done, it’s a wonderful thing to tally the week’s achievements into an amazing total that would make even the most stoic crew leader beam with smiles! 

As safety is WTA’s #1 priority, special thanks is always due to our lead sawyers for running each small crew safely. Not a single one of those 80 cuts could be done without them. So, congrats to a job well done to Sawtooth’s lead sawyers and the fantastic crew of volunteers that made the logout a tremendous success!

If working with a fun group of people for a week in the woods sounds good to you, there are still spots available on several of our Volunteer Vacations this summer - including another logout vacation in the Teanaway starting on July 3rd. Check out the schedule and availability today!