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The Great Outdoors Is Still Calling

Posted by Lace Thornberg at Jun 23, 2010 08:45 PM |

TrailsFest is taking a hiatus this summer.

The days are long. Hiking fever is in the air. Wondering why you haven't seen a TrailsFest 2010 poster up at your local coffee shop yet?

That's because Washington Trails Association won't be hosting TrailsFest this summer.

Last fall, when the planning for this summertime event typically begins, WTA took stock of the time and resources we had available and realized that hosting TrailsFest might not be the best use of either. If we stretched ourselves too thin, we risked hosting an event that didn't live up to the expectations built over the years -- or shortchanging our many other outreach efforts. Either way, we weren't real keen on finding out. 

Through workshops, talks and demonstrations, we hope that past TrailsFests have inspired a hiker or two, or ten thousand, to really get out and explore all that Washington has to offer: to set out on paths that criss-cross talus slopes or to embark on long treks through groves of old-growth. If we did that, we'd be happy.

And, that's the kind of inspiring we intend to keep doing through our magazine, our website and events like Hike-a-Thon (registration opens July 1). You never know, WTA may bring the event back in the future, but TrailsFest wasn't in the cards for July 2010.

If you've joined us for TrailsFest in the past, we hope you'll find a nice long hike in the high country to enjoy on that Saturday in mid-July instead!