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WTA Launches 'Trails Rebooted' to Upgrade Our Trail System

Trails Rebooted is channeling your passion for close-in hikes to reimagine what’s possible for iconic trails and investing in the trail system of tomorrow.

WTA is excited to announce Trails Rebooted, a campaign focused on improving iconic hiking experiences, championing the construction of new trails and helping hikers see the role they play in the future of recreation. 


Trails Rebooted is WTA's multi-faceted approach to the trail system of tomorrow:

Increasing demand and chronic underinvestment have put our current trails under incredible pressure. This has created a serious trail maintenance backlog, led to overcrowded parking lots and left agencies underfunded and unable to keep up with demand.

WTA has a long history of stepping in to fill unmet needs of hikers and trails. Our original newsletter Signpost started mobilizing hikers to get involved in forest policy in the '60s. Our volunteer trail maintenance program began in the mid-90s to help address the declining budgets for our land management agencies. Now we are ready to explore innovative approaches to upgrading our trail system. Trails Rebooted brings the proven success of our programs to help shape the future of trails.   

We are excited to share our new campaign with hikers. Together we can to address the issues facing trails and create a sustainable trail system that offers hikers a variety of quality hiking experiences — from backcountry exploration to everyday adventures.

I am excited about Trails Rebooted because it is about reimagining what is possible, and what is needed to have trails for everyone, forever. Trails forever won’t happen if we just focus on individual popular trails, we need to look at the whole trail system and landscape. Through Trails Rebooted, we will not only create more hiking opportunities in Washington, but also inspire hikers to be champions of our public lands. — Jill Simmons, executive director


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Aaron Outdoors on May 14, 2019 09:41 PM