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Celebrate Washington Trails Day

Washington has a holiday to celebrate how hikers help protect trails! Celebrating with us is as easy as signing on to support continued trail funding, so they're always there for you to enjoy. View the Washington Trails Day Proclamation here.

Protect the Future of Washington Trails

Washington is a trail leader. We love our trails.

The strength of Washington’s outdoor recreation couldn’t happen without support from the over 90% of Washingtonians — like you — who recreate annually. WTA relies on the passion of people to show up for the trails we love. Our trail systems rely on us — and they also rely on support from our state offices.

The governor and his staff have accomplished groundbreaking work to elevate Washington as a national leader for outdoor recreation, from the latest statewide investments in outdoor school for all, backlog funding for land management agencies, and even by declaring July 30, 2022, Washington Trails Day. 

But more is needed to protect our trails. The maintenance and operations backlog on our public lands costs millions of dollars to address. As more people discover the joy of our trails, the capacity to steward the land must increase.

We urge the governor to continue his great work to support public lands by making investments that will protect trails for years to come. He can do this by:

  • Identifying additional funding that reduces the maintenance and operations backlogs of our state land management agencies.
  • Exploring opportunities and solutions to make the outdoors more accessible for all.
  • Working with tribes and partners to establish sustainable recreation planning and monitoring of our public lands and trails.

Join WTA as we push for the protection of trails. Sign on now to tell the governor’s office how important these investments are to you and the future of Washington’s lands.

Be even more groundbreaking on Washington Trails Day!

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Washington Trails Day is the perfect day for hikers to take action to support trails. Each and every day, WTA works to secure a future of trails for everyone, forever, and we can’t do it without your support. Give today to celebrate Washington Trails Day. 


From creating Washington's largest volunteer trail maintenance program to operating our gear lending library, WTA has been creating opportunities for everyone to experience the outdoors since 1966. Your donation will help us continue this work for years to come.

Thank you for protecting the future of trails!