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Celebrate Washington Trails Day

Washington Trails Day — our state's official holiday to recognize the importance of our public lands — is a day for hikers to take action to support trails.

Washington's trails face challenges that, if ignored, will become insurmountable over time. It's our belief that people who love to hike are the solution, and that, together, we can create trails that will last forever. 

Washington Trails Day 2021 Governor's Proclamation

Trails Don't Just Happen

Our trails need robust and sustainable funding to ensure they can be enjoyed both now and in the future. When you support WTA, you support WTA's efforts to create and advocate for that sustainable trail system.

With close to 25,000 members, WTA is powered by hikers like you.

Celebrate Washington Trails Day by making a donation to WTA.


Hiker surrounded by wildflowers on either side hikes on trail, with Mount Rainier in the distant background.Trails in Washington are like no other. Photo by Jyotsna Negi.

You Make Trails Happen

What makes Washington special? For many, access to our rich landscapes and endless opportunities for getting outdoors is the answer. Washington has more than 12,000 miles of trails which contribute to an outdoor economy that amounts to $21.6 billion in annual spending and over 264,000 jobs in our state*. Exploring nature is good for people’s hearts, minds and bodies, and recreation is a powerful way for everyone to connect to our state’s beautiful wildlands.

Still, the agencies in charge of managing these lands are greatly underfunded. Budget constraints in the United States Forest Service have reduced staffing for restoration and recreation by nearly 40% in less than 10 years. Funding to keep our trails sustainable has decreased while demand and use of our beloved public spaces has grown.

In honor of Washington Trails Day, we want to remind our legislators how important their support for public lands is. Without necessary investments, our trails don’t receive the restoration, maintenance, and protection they need. 

Trails don’t just happen; you make them happen. If we want to be celebrating years of trails far into the future, we need more investment in our trails and public lands now. You can help make trails happen by signing this petition to encourage Senators Cantwell and Murray to increase appropriations for U.S. Forest Service recreation accounts in the FY2022 budget.

*Source: Outdoor Industry Association