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Indian Creek

Central Cascades


Central Cascades -- Stevens Pass - East
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11.0 miles, one-way


Gain: 2700 ft.
Highest Point: 5000 ft.


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WTA worked here: 2021

Beautiful mixed forests surround you as saunter up Indian Creek towards the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). Surrounded by peaks on all sides, this crucial connector trail to the PCT in the ultra-rugged Glacier Peak Wilderness requires keen navigation skills (and a strong sense of adventure) as years of overgrown brush make this trail difficult to follow.

Begin your hike by crossing the mighty White River over a sturdy bridge and continue right, saving the trail up towards Mount David for a different outing. As you hike, take in the deep turquoise blue White River (courtesy of its origin from the White River Glacier). This deep blue is partly due to “rock flour”, a geologic phenomena when glaciers grind down the bedrock it sits on and transports the sediment downstream as it melts.

This flour does not settle in the water due to its microscopic size. Instead, it remains suspended in the water and absorbs all colors of the spectrum except for green and blue, resulting in this vibrant color. So know that while this water is beautiful, it is frigidly cold!

This water stands in stark contrast to the lush, deep green undergrowth. Along with ample shrubs and plants, some massive trees, including a few cedars, line the trail, helping to keep you shaded during the summer months. After approximately one mile, cross a first moderate water crossing/log jam. Later in the season, this crossing will probably be dry, except in the most damp of summers. Continue through more mixed forest before you reach the confluence of Indian Creek and the White River, which you won’t see. ***The slightly tilting bridge has turned into a non-existent bridge as it was destroyed in 2020 (probably due to a high water flow event). Take caution if you attempt to ford the river, knowing that it may be impassable during high water flows***

After crossing Indian Creek, the trail begins to gradually switchback up into the Indian Valley. Thankfully, this climb is very gradual. With decent trail underfoot and continued forest cover overhead, the climb is neither too long or arduous.

After about 1.5 miles of climbing, reach a slightly open area with very easy access to Indian Creek. This place serves as a great camp or turnaround spot for a day hike. Those who seek adventure will continue past this point. 

Continuing west up-valley, hikers will begin to navigate dense overgrowth paired with open trail underneath a mixed forest canopy. While the travel in the mixed forest is quite scenic, the open areas of dense underbrush are just that: dense. At times, this underbrush is upwards of 8 feet tall and all but obscures any remnant of trail.

The majority of time, hikers will be finding the trail simply by feeling with their feet, not by looking with their eyes. Losing the trail is easy, so navigation skills have to be dialed in to their max on the trail. Despite these hardships on trail, views of many peaks and ridges on all sides of you beckons you further into the valley. Several campsites, one at 5.5 miles (which also starts the unofficial ascent up to Airplane Lake) and at 8 miles in offer hikers a chance to rest and camp as they continue to hike west.

For those who can push through the miles and miles of brush, you will be rewarded with a connection with the well maintained PCT, beautiful views all around of the Glacier Peak Wilderness, one of the most remote areas in all of Washington, and the ability to explore this vast, road-less area. Accessing the PCT in the Glacier Peak Wilderness can only be done on a few trails and Indian Creek is one of those trails. Despite years of chronic under-funding and neglected maintenance, hopefully Indian Creek will remain and serve as a vital entry point to the PCT and this rugged wilderness.


Indian Creek

Map & Directions

Co-ordinates: 47.9632, -120.9455 Open map in new window


Central Cascades -- Stevens Pass - East

Indian Creek (#1502)

Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, Wenatchee River Ranger District

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Getting There

Leave Highway 2 at Coles Corner, turning left for Lake Wenatchee. Stay left at a "Y" intersection -- you're now heading west. At 9.6 miles from Wenatchee River bridge turn right on White River Road. Proceed to the road's end, 16.5 miles from the bridge. There is a privy available about 400 ft back from the trailhead.


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Indian Creek

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