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My Backyard — Friday, Apr. 10, 2020

Puget Sound and Islands
Local wildlife

I have been patrolling Camelot for many years now. Some days I am out there all by myself, and on other days I have company. For some reason, the days with the most interesting weather are the days with the least company.  Today there were others on patrol, but they all stayed a minimum of six feet away from each other and from me.

I started at my usual trailhead. In compliance with the local safety orders, I walked to the trailhead. The restrooms were in good order with flush toilets, plenty of TP, soap, hot running water and clean towels. The staff here do a good job. I availed myself of the facilities and washed my hands for 20 seconds before heading out.

Today’s patrol route was an attempt to walk every path in Camelot in a minimum distance. Most of my patrols are just a perusal of the perimeter, but I have been hearing increasing  reports of wildlife, mostly bears and bunnies, boldly wandering where they have never been seen before. It is important to observe what is going on around here.

I started out to the north on Lancelot toward Bedivere, continued on Bedivere to Galahad, followed Galahad to Excalibur to Bedivere back to Excalibur to Galahad to Bedivere to the end, then doubled back to Guinevere, looped around Round Table then back to Guinevere, looped around Merlin and Percival to King Arthur, well you get the picture. There is a theme to the trail names around here. 

Spring flowers are springing forth, delighting my eyes, and making my nose run to the point of excess sneezing. I’m not sick, just experiencing pollen in my own way. There were quite a few bears peering from behind glass in their enclosures. One bold one was climbing a tree. I managed to sneak up on him and get a good picture (above). The bunnies were out and about, some of them laying flat on the path, others flapping in the wind.

There are rumors of some kind of celebration in two days involving eggs and candy and bunnies. It will be interesting to see how it plays out when everyone is staying away from each other. I will be on patrol, as always, ready to report.

Wildflowers on display
More local wildlife
Art on display


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Lisa Elliott on Apr 11, 2020 11:42 AM