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Trip Report

My Backyard — Saturday, Apr. 11, 2020

Puget Sound and Islands
Spring flowers

Started my hike from the Front Porch trailhead. The trail has a four-foot elevation drop before reaching the main “front yard” basin, spread out across several steps which can be notoriously slippery in winter and early spring conditions, so I came prepared with my microspikes. Luckily, trail crews had installed non-slip tape on each of the steps, and there was no snow on the trail, so I was able to navigate the descent without using any traction.

The main trail below the porch was in excellent condition all the way around to the “back yard” meadow (about a 50 ft hike, according to my gps), and there were plenty of early season flowers in bloom, including red current, coltsfoot, fawn lily, and trillium. The local ranger pointed me toward an almost totally flat rock outcropping that is supposedly the best spot to stop for lunch and watch for wildlife (mostly hummingbirds today, along with a few chickadees and juncos). No bugs to speak of, although I did see a few small pools of standing water that might be mosquito hotspots later in the season.

Only one tent was set up in the camp site, but there is room for a few more, and a very easily accessible water supply. I did see a bear in the distance on the way out, so bear bags or canisters are obviously required for anyone planning an overnight.

Camp site and lunch spot
Rufous Hummingbird
Bear sighting near the trailhead.