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Trip Report

Lake Ann (Rainy Pass) — Saturday, Jul. 4, 2020

North Cascades
Lake view

First off, we were very happy to find that there's a pay station (if you have $5 cash) at the trailhead because we forgot our passes!

The trail is very muddy to start but then becomes obstacle free for 1+ mi until you reach the sign pointing to the lake trail. Once you turn off, it's snow covered ground making it difficult to find the trail for a couple hundred yards and several bends. We didn't need micro spikes. Then it turns into a very muddy swamp area with lots of standing water for the last couple hundred yards, also obscuring the trail. I would hate to be here without waterproof boots because your feet will get wet otherwise. There is tons of new plant growth popping up in this area making it very pretty and springtimey! When we reached the lake, we found very little accessible shoreline due to snow and the high lake level but there's still enough space to take in the view, just not to sit and eat. We backtracked a stone's throw to a dry grassy area (without a lake view) to eat lunch. 
Overall, a very beautiful hike with good payoff for the effort. 


MtnHiker! on Lake Ann (Rainy Pass)

Thank you for the update. Did you see any trout in the lake?

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MtnHiker! on Jul 09, 2020 01:54 PM