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Crystal Peak — Thursday, Jul. 23, 2020

Mount Rainier Area

Got a late start from Seattle, headed towards Sunrise.  Encountering significant traffic along SR410, I decided I'd go with the first hike which had parking spaces available along 410 or Sunrise Road.  Crystal Peak parking area, on both sides of 410, had half dozen spots available on the south side of the road so I opted for that.  I had done Crystal Peak 2X previously and enjoyed.  Trail is in excellent condition, very few rocks and roots, which my 71-year old legs and feet appreciated.  It is a constant uphill on the way in, except for a brief downhill after the intersection with the Crystal Lakes trail.  Once emerging from the forest, ~halfway through the 3.9mi to the top, one's senses are assaulted by a visual splendor of flowers.  Fields and fields of them:  purples, whites, reds, oranges.  And of course the dominating view of Rainier.  At the top, Mt. Adams likewise added to the eye candy and even Mt. Hood.  

Given how crowded trails are these days, I was pleased at how few I encountered.  I passed no one on the way up and no one passed me.  Coming down, maybe 10 altogether.  On my descent, I encountered 3.  I had the "summit" to myself and stayed at least half-hour and could have stayed longer.  I had cell reception there and called my former hiking buddy:  my wife!  She can no longer hike due to her miserable arthritis so I try to share as much of my hiking as I can with her, which is bitter and sweet for us both.  

Temps were perfect for me, in the 60s, with a pleasant breeze.  A few bugs, the most annoying being biting flies.     

Please identify.
Mountainside covered in flowers


Karen on Crystal Peak

Happy hiking

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Karen on Jul 25, 2020 03:38 PM