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Goat Creek

South Cascades

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WTA Member


Hiked Apr 18, 2021

Type of Hike

Day hike

Trail Conditions

Trail in good condition


Road rough but passable


No bugs


Snow free

FS2750, the last 3 miles before the TH is snow free, has a few deep potholes that can be obscured by sun glare, and has some narrow sections.  One particular narrow section is a mile from the TH. Two trees had fallen across the road.  One car can get through at time.  If taken slowly, any car can make it the last 3 miles.  I saw two sedans and a mini van at the TH.

There were six cars at the TH at 11am when I arrived.  Only one car at the TH when I left at 1pm. I saw a total of 6 people all day.

The main attraction of this hike is Cathedral Falls.  It is one mile from the TH and a 900 ft climb. Trail is snow free and in great shape up to the falls.  There are a couple of blowdowns. Very easy to get over. All streams are flowing.  I believe I counted three streams to cross before the falls.  Hard to keep the feet dry.  With the heat today, I did not mind having my trail runners wet. Most people stop and turn around at the falls.

Just past the falls there is a blowdown blocking the trail.  This one is tricky as there isn't much trail left to get over/under.  A slip here means a steep fall. My dog was able to go under.  I had to go over.  See pic 2.

At 1.5 miles from the TH (.5 miles from the falls) is a blow down that fell parallel along the trail.  It is easy to get through since it is limbs that fell on the trail.  The trunk of the tree fell off to the edge of the trail. See pic 3.

Just before the trail junction, there are a couple of spots of snow and deep boot sucking mud.  Not more than that 10 feet at most.  The trail splits at 2 miles.  Tumwater trail is to the left.  Goat Creek trail continues to the right.

To continue on the Tumwater trail, one would have to cross the raging Goat Creek with no bridge or support.  The trail looked in great condition if one can find a safe crossing of the creek. If you look at the upper right corner of the last pic, you can see the Tumwater trail on the other side of the creek just to the left of the barkless cut log.

The Goat Creek trail looked in great shape for 200 feet.  I remember from last year that there was a major blowdown at another 0.5 miles down the trail from the junction.   I turned around at the junction so I never had the chance to see if it had been cleared.

Goat Creek was roaring and spectacular with the multiple falls. See pic 4.